Yatcaz Kalkcaz Turkish Dance

Yatcaz Kalkcaz Ordayım  - Turkish Belly DanceFlagTurkey

Yaltcaz Kalcaz is a fast and furious roller coaster of movement & emotions. Dance, sweat and have a ball learning this Turkish style belly dance while focusing on Shoulder shakes, hip circles that also incorporate reverse camels, traveling hip lifts, chest lift drops, ascending & descending hip lift-drops and a whole lot of at-ti-tude!

Yatcaz Kalkcaz Ordayım or "We will sleep, wake up, and [hoop] I will be there" is a Turkish song by Gülşen Bayraktar from her 2013 album "Beni Durdursan Mı ?" is a very emotionally charged song. She sings:

The mountains, the slopes, long roads are all nonsense, I'm on the run
Don't get me started with the traditions, this is love, stronger than anything, I won't be silent!
I will get over it, I will beat the seperation, I am not afraid

Schadia choreographed an equally powerful beginner level dance to this song, so come join us and "be there."