Desert Dream Belly Dance

"Desert Dreams" aka "Amir Beledi" Belly Dance FlagEgypt

The "sister" dance to "All Abs Drum", this simple and cute beginner level dance is a great way to start to learn belly dancing. It features many of the common beginner level moves and provides therefore a great technique foundation for beginners.

Desert Dreams is pure belly dance - it has slow, slinky, smooth movements to go along with the gorgeous accordion & explosive sharp powerful movements when the tempo picks up & the drum beats come in fast & fabulous. This dance is a definite show stopper!
Even though this dance is jaw dropping & super impressive to watch, it's very accessible for absolute beginners, which is why it is one of our Level 1 choreographies. It's a solid beginner level choreography in which you will learn & use many of our Level 1 technique.
(You do not need to test for Level 1 in order to take this course, but you need to learn this choreography if you want to test for the Level 1 Certificate)
Moves & Techniques you will learn in this dance include 
Horizontal Hip Work
·        Hip Slides                                                         
·        Horizontal Forward-Back Hip movement.
·        Hip Twists                                                        
·        Hip Circles
·        Horizontal Hip Figure 8s
Vertical Hip Movements
·       Hip Lift Drops                                                   
.        Hip Shimmies
.        Hip Drops in BDS                                            
.        Hip Drop Kicks
.        Pelvic Lift-Drops,
Combining Vertical & Horizontal Hip Movements
.        Omis: Combining Hip Slides & Pelvic Lift-Drops       
Upper Body
·        Chest Lift/Drop            
·        Stationary Camels & Reverse Stationary Camels  

.        Stomach Flutters
.        Shoulder RollsBellyDanceStudentsDancing