Ojos Asi (Shakira) Dance

Ojos Asi/Eyes Like Yours

A very energetic and fun beginner level choreography to a gorgeous live version of one of Shakira's most famous songs Ojos Asi. This live version is set to a full orchestra and even includes a short drum solo interlude. You will have so much fun dancing to this song! Like Shakira says in her song, we are going to travel from Bahrain to Beirut, all while learning some of Shakira's signature moves and dancing up a storm to a choreography by Schadia.
* There will be two versions of the choreography taught during class: a fun basic choreography for beginners & optional variations for intermediate & advanced students.

Props Required: None


Shakira was born and raised in Columbia, but her father is Lebanese, which is why there is such a strong Arab influence in many of Shakira's song. This is especially true with Ojos Asi, which is written like an Arabic love song and even has her singing in Arabic during a section of the song.

Watch Shakira sing it: