Misrilou Candle Dance

Misrilou FlagUSA


Misrilou is a gorgeous Candle Dance choreography by Schadia. This is a dance is designed to be performed by our restaurant dancers, but you can learn it just for fun. It's a slow and controlled dance that is adaptable to many situations. You'll be learning some intricate hand movements that allow you to dance with fire.
Candles are in reality a fairly easy prop to master, but definitely the most impressive to audiences, always eliciting lots of "ohhhs and ahhhs."
The song Misirlou (which means Egyptian Girl) is a song that everyone knows, although you may not know this particular version. It has been played a million times by everyone from Egyptian, Turkish & Greek bands to the Beach Boys. We'll be dancing to a cool version from the 1970s that sounds like a Genie is about to come out of the bottle & dance next to you.

Props Required: Candle Holders. We have 3 different versions for sale at the studio. Starting @ $24 for the pair.