Bottom of the Lake Gothic Fusion Dance

Bottom of the Lake - Gothic Fusion Belly DanceFlagUSA

The choreography you will be learning in this course is to a song called "Bottom of the Lake" (by the Builders and the Butchers). Float gracefully down to the bottom of the lake & emerge with dark hard edged shimmies & lightening fast turns in this cool gothic belly dance choreography.

This ain't your mama's belly dance. Open your mind and explore the darker side of of Amercian belly dance. You'll only regret it if you don't.

About the choreography & Schadia's Gothic Style:
Schadia's first encounter with the Gothic subculture was in Germany in the 1990s. Club dancing several times a week in Goth clubs to The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Merci, Depeche Mode, etc., Schadia immersed herself in the music and dancing without knowing at the time that they were what Americans call Goth.

When Schadia took her first Gothic Bellydance workshops in the U.S., she realized that she knew all of the moves and had in fact been dancing in this style for years. While many Gothic style Bellydancers come out of the American Tribal Style dance background, Schadia took the Goth style movements from her clubbing days and fused them with her more traditional and cabaret belly dance background & emotional sensiblity to create a style of Gothic Bellydance that is uniquely Nazeem Allayl.




Props required: None

Level: Mixed level (Beginners welcome. For more advanced dancers, optional layers and floorwork is added to the dance)