FUNdamentals of belly dance (beginner, drop ins welcome)

Belly Dance FUNdamentals

StudentsFromBackBelly Dance Fundamentals is great for newbies & all belly dance students wanting to improve their technique. These classes are open to all students, including absolute beginners and are structured so that drop-ins are welcome. Your instructor will guide you through key isolations, drills and super fun combos. We will focus on proper posture, learning how to use your muscles like a belly dancer & how to create & maintain solid technique, all while having FUN & getting a great workout!
What Should You Expect? You will learn how to create & then drill the movements and isolations that make belly dance so mesmerizing. Snake arms, upper & lower body undulations, stomach flutters, shimmies, and basic traveling steps, all designed to take your dancing to a new level of AWESOME!

How is FUNdamentals different from GetFIT or a 5-week course?

  • If you are just starting out, want to learn a few moves, have fun, and/or brush up and improve your form and technique, take the FUNdamentals class. 
  • If you want to have fun, get a great workout & just dance take the GetFit Class. 
  • If you want to have fun, be a student of Middle Eastern belly dance, improve vastly & grow as a dancer, take the 5 week courses.

How is Belly Dance FUNdamentals different than #GetFit Belly Dance?

Both classes give you an amazing workout for sure! Both will have you sweating & having fun. The focus’ are simply different. In the BellyDance FUNdamentals classes you will focus on learning 2-4 different basic moves & then drilling them in a fun, energetic way. The teacher will break down moves. She will stop, explain concepts, correct you & help you to become a better dancer. The teacher will teach you, and give you technique to work on at home. She’ll even give you exercises, tips & tricks to use going forward.

GetFit is a workout class. It’s fun & really, really good exercise, but you won’t actually learn many things, because the GetFit instructor never stops to correct you or explain concepts. Instead she teaches the moves you will be using that day quickly in the beginning of class. She hits play on the ipod & away you go! GetFit is about cardio, fitness & fun. It’s fast paced, high energy & go, go, go!

How is Belly Dance FUNdamentals different than a 5 week course?

In a five week course you begin the course w/ students who will be together for 5 weeks learning the exact same thing from the exact same instructor. This allows you to progress through a subject, learning a little more each week.
In the FUNdamentals drop-in class, or any drop-in class for that matter, you are limited in what knowledge you can gain because the students will be different every week & you essentially start over from the beginning every week. You will learn 2-3 moves each week, but will likely never have a context or a way to put them together into something tangible.
In a 5 week course the instructor promises that she will teach you a certain subject, for example a choreography, in a specific amount of time. This means that she has a certain amount of material that she will go through each week. She will give you homework and if you do the homework & attend all of the classes, you will learn a good amount of material in the given 5 weeks. It is the quickest & easiest way to progress as a dancer. Our studio model is based on the 5 week course system. In over two decades in the business of teaching belly dance we have seen that students attending 5 week courses get better faster than with any other method.