Basic Belly Dance Technique

Basic Belly Dance Technique

Basic Belly Dance technique is a pay-as-you-go belly dance class that is similar to the ShimmyFit classes, but more emphasis and time are spent on drilling basic belly dance moves. These technique drop in classes also include the easy-to-follow-along dances designed to work up a sweat while maintaining our fabulous-ness! These classes are great for getting a head to toe workout, sweating, & having a really good time.

Props: None

Level: Open to all levels


How is this Drop-In class different from the ShimmyFit Drop-In class?


The Basic Belly Dance Technique Drop-In class is a Mash up of ShimmyFit & a Beginner Technique Course. For the first part of the class (approximately 20 minutes) you will learn and drill basic belly dance moves w/ your teacher. You will learn by doing & drilling the moves. After the Technique drilling section of the class, you will put the moves you've learned into a number of sassy, fun & energetic Follow-the-Leader dances w/ your instructor leading you and cheering you on. This format gives you a Drop-In class in which you can drill basic technique AND get a fun & fab cardio workout. It's the best of both worlds!



Moves that are covered include:

  1. "Hip Work etc."
    • Hand Circles
    • Hip Circle
    • Egyptian hip Circle
    • Hip Twist: traveling, level-changing
    • Maya
    • Horizontal Figure 8
    • Reverse Vertical Figure 8
    • Hip Drop,
    • Hip Drop Kick
  2. "Shimmies"
    • Hip Pop
    • Hip Shimmy
    • "Big Ones"
    • 3/4 Shimmy
    • Choo Choo
    • Knee Shimmy: shifting weight, w/hip slides, w/hip pops, on one foot
    • Shoulder Shake
    • Shoulder Shimmy
    • Shoulder Rolls
  3. "Camels etc."
    • Wrist Drags/ Pushing Water
    • Snake Arms
    • Chest Lift/Drop
    • Chest Circle
    • Camel: Stationary, Reverse, Traveling, Step Step Step, Hi-lo, Walk back
    • Step-Step-Step: w/camels, w/lookback
    • Pelvic Lift/Drop
    • Pelvic Shimmy
    • Omi