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Any beginner level course.

Middle Eastern Dance is a large field - with different music and different dance styles from Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon, plus we can dance with all kinds of props (sword, cane, veil, etc.). We can dance the traditional folk dances, or modern cabaret style dances (what you see in a restaurant or movie).

Technique courses are great for fine tuning your skills, while choreography classes are more fun and focused (you learn a dance after all). Drop-in classes and combination courses are less structured and thus more accomodating to irregular work schedules. But progress in drop-in classes is naturally slow, as new students keep joining.

What it comes down it is your ultimate goal - if you want to dance, obviously you need to take a choreography class. Having the goal of learning a dance also drives you while taking the course and gives you some feeling of accomplishment after the six weeks - you know a new dance. This dance can be performed at one of our student nights or our studio shows. A lot of students take the technique class as a supplement to a choreography class, and some use it as a fun way of workout-exercise.


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