Level 5 Certification - Taksim

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Schadia 9405Level 5 Certification

Preparing for Level 5 Test:

Students at level 5 should have all the fundamentals down, including traveling moves and layering. They should be proficent in dancing with sword, veil, and zills.

The main "topic" of Level 5 is freestyle dancing, a.k.a. the Taksim or Taqsim. For the orchestra, the taqsim is the part where one instrument is playing a solo (i.e. drum solo). For belly dancers, it is more than just the drum solo part. Taqsim also refers to the part of the show where the music is dominated by a "slow, hypnotic improvisation of a melody instrument" (source: Shira) where a wood instrument is playing (think snake charmer like music). The dancer can use this part of the act for undulations performed while standing, for floor work; a balancing prop such as sword or fire tray can be added for dramatic effect.

Since the music is theoretically improvised, the dancer must perform to an unknown piece of music. However, the music follows certain well established patterns, and a dancer knowing these patters can anticipate parts and schedule her backbend, floorwork, etc. accordingly.

To best prepare for this test, we offer a variety of courses and workshops such as musicality, taksim dancing, restaurant style dancing, etc.

Level 5 Testing:

You will be tested on two dances, which you will perform individually. One of them must be a prop dance. It can be a fanveil or a cane dance.

You will also be tested on the following techniques, which you will perform in small groups:

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