Level 2 Certification

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SchadiaSwordLevel 2

Level 2 Certification

Level 2 certifies that students have learned how to do all of the basic moves taught in level 1 at the shimmy speed and how to combine the technique learned in Level 1 to create new more complex moves and technique.The prop used at Level 2 is the sword, which helps you to demonstrate that you can isolate moves.

The choreographies tested at Level 2 are "Ra Ahsa" and "Oriental Jazz (Sword dance)".

Preparing for Level 2 Test:

Students at Level 2 learn additional basic technique, shimmies, and how to combine the technique learned in Level 1 to create new more complex moves and technique.  They can do this by learning the two Level 2 choreographies being taught in preparation for the Level 2 testing.  In addition and to prepare thoroughly for the Technique portion of the testing, students should take our Sumptuous Shimmies Technique 5 week course (also available on DVD), as well as continuing to review & obtain the complete skill set in both the Hypnotic Hips & Alluring Upper Body Technique Courses.

To aid with perfecting their ability to isolate moves, students will acquire the skill of balancing a sword on their head while performing basic technique. Basic sword balancing will be covered in NAIT 2 (Nazeem Allayl Intensive Technique) Course, which is specifically geared towards teaching & drilling all of the Level 2 Technique in one 5 week course. Dancers will also acquire sword balancing skills through our beginner Sword Dance Choreography Nawari, a drum solo that is suitable for Level 1 & 2 students & also teaches many of the Level 1 & 2 skills.  
The choreographies for L2 are "Ra Ahsa" and "Oriental Jazz Sword Dance".

In addition to offering the choreographies & Level 2 intensive technique training in five week courses at our studios, we will be offering a number of workshops to encourage & assist students working towards their Level 2 certification. 

If a student desires more specific one-on-one help, she can schedule private classes with Schadia & other Nazeem Allayl Studio instructors, all of whom are trained to teach the Nazeem Allayl style of Belly Dance. These private classes are especially helpful in between the Level 2 Pre-Test & Test to focus on the technique or sections of the choreography which need improving or further clarification.

In addition to the sword, students are encouraged to begin to experiment with props such as the silk veil, zills, and cane. Students should also refine & expand upon their technique through learning more choreographies like Vele Ya Vele, Qaseer Drum, Wala Wala, etc.

Level 2 Testing

The test for Level 2 consists of two parts: Technique stations and two choreographies. Students perform the two choreographies and the technique stations in small groups.

Level 2 Choreographies

You will be tested on two choreographies, which you will perform in small groups:
"Ra Ahsa" and "Oriental Jazz sword dance)"

Level 2 Technique

You will also be tested on the following techniques, which you will perform in small groups (some of the moves will be tested while balancing a sword):

Upper Body and Hips
  • Mayas: Combining Hip Slides & Hip Lift-Drops 
  • Reverse Vertical Figure 8s: Hip Slides & Hip Lift-Drops
  • Head Slide
  • Hand Circles
  • Snake Arms
  • Shoulder Shakes
  • Shoulder Shimmy
  • Shoulder Shakes + Shoulder Lift Drops = Shoulder Rolls
  • Chest Circles
Hip Isolations & Shimmies                            
  • Vertical Hip Lift & drops
  • Hip Shimmy    
  • Tic Toc                                               
  • Hip Twist Shimmy
  • Pelvic Lift Drop
  • Pelvic Shimmy
  • Choo Choo Shimmy
  • Knee Shimmy


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