Level 3 Certification

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SchadiaVeilLevel 3 Certification

Level 3 certifies that students have learned the technique from Levels 1&2, and are now proficient to travel with them. Level 3 also includes proficiency in dancing with a Veil.

Preparing for Level 3 Test:

Students at Level 3 take their technique to a higher level by learning how to travel with all of the moves learned in Levels 1 and 2. They can do this through taking our Traffic Stopping Traveling Moves Technique 5-week course (also available on DVD), through reviewing & obtaining the complete skill set in the Hypnotic Hips, Alluring Upper Body & Sumptuous Shimmies Technique Courses, and through learning the two Level 3 choreographies being taught in preparation for the Level 3 testing.  

To aid with the exploration of the American Fantasy style of belly dance, students will acquire the skill of dancing with a veil while performing basic technique.  Basic veil work is taught both through special Veil Technique courses & workshops as well as through our beginner Veil Dance Choreography Leylet Hob, a beautiful classic belly dance that is suitable for Level 2 & Level 3 students, which also includes many of the Level 3 veil skills.  

In addition to the sword & the veil, students are encouraged to experiment with props such as the zills, cane, and fanveils. Students should also refine & expand upon their technique through learning more choreographies, especially the American fantasy & more classic choreographies like Zaina, Irkosily, Leylet Hob, those w/ strong traveling themes like Kiddah, and those with the sword like Menni  & Habibi Tensany.

Before the test date, we will be offering a number of workshops and private classes to work on students' individual skills. In particular, we will be offering choreography workshops for the two choreographies that will be tested at Level 3, Level 3 technique workshop and also special NAIT Courses (Nazeem Allayl Intensive Technique) for level 3 technique. In addition, students can also take our regular technique courses and learn choreographies that use the technique tested in level 3.

Level 3 Testing

The test for level 3 consists of two parts: Technique stations and two choreographies. Students perform the choreographies and the technique stations in small groups or as individuals.

Level 3 Choreographies

You will be tested on two choreographies, which you will perform in small groups:
"Zaina" and "Tales of the Sahara".

Level 3 Technique

You will also be tested on the following techniques, which you will perform in small groups:

Level 3 Traveling
  • American Fantasy Posture
  • Walking w/ American Fantasy Posture
  • Grapevines in American Fantasy Posture
  • Arabesques in American Fantasy Posture
  • Hip Twists
  • Level Changing Hip Twists
  • Step-Step-Steps with look backs
  • Step & Touches
  • Hagallahs
  • Traveling w/ Hip circles
  • Traveling w/ Mayas & RVF8
  • Stationary Camels
  • Camel Walks
  • Standard Camels
  • Hi-Low Camels
  • Camel Step-Step-Steps





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