Level 4 Certification

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Marjaan 9837Level 4 Certification

Preparing for Level 4 Test:

Students at level 4 should have all the fundamentals down, be able to maintain all basic moves at the shimmy (quadruple) speed and do all of our basic traveling moves. They should also have learned the basics of sword balancing & veil work.  Going to an even higher level of technique, students striving to test at level 4 will continue to develop their sword & veil dancing skills while obtaining the new skills of layering.  Students will also be tested on basic zill playing at Level 4. 

Layering is the concept of demonstrating two or more skills simultaneously. For example, doing a knee shimmy while doing a horizontal hip circle, doing a choo choo shimmy w/ a horizontal hip figure 8 or doing any move while playing the zills.

Students can obtain the skills for Level 4 through taking our special Layering Technique Courses and Workshops as well as focusing on some of our more advanced fusion choreographies like I Need a Melody & 100 Eyes, as well as more traditional choreographies like Yoam Al Has.  They should also thoroughly explore our Basic Zill Technique Courses & Workshops and focus on completing some of our many zill choreographies like Ragheb, Jasmine, Amar Haween, Shefait, etc.

Level 4 Testing:

You will be tested on two choreographies, which you will perform in small groups:

You will also be tested on the following techniques, which you will perform in small groups:

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