Provide Excellent Instruction

Learning belly dancing at our studios is fun, well structured, and productive.

We provide excellent instruction in many ways:

  1. Excellent Learning Environment: Our studios are women-only and we don't allow observers. We don't allow drop-ins after week 2 of a 5 week course to enable us to progress and not having to repeat the basics over and over again
  2. Excellent Teachers: We train our own teachers and only promote from within. All our teachers have extensive performance experience both as students and as troupe members. This is important because unless one has been a dancer on stage, one can not really teach a performance art.
    All our teachers use the same standardized vocabulary, and al have learned and will teach you the same way how to execute belly dance technique. That means whatever you learn in one course applies to all the other courses as well, as everyone of our dancers calls an Omi an Omi and performs it the same way.
  3. Excellent Programs: We offer countless beginner and higher level courses, covering all styles of Middle Eastern Dance and all the props. We not only offer drop in ShimmyFIT and combination classes, but mostly 5-week courses where we teach a simple choreography to a particular song that you can perofrm. We also teach montly specialty workshops such as our annual ab workshop, valentine day dance workshop, etc.
    We provide Choreography Notes for every beginner level choreography, and have Technique DVDs available at our stores.
  4. One Stop Shop: Our studios have ample stock of all the tools of the trade a belly dancer wants, from shoes and pants to swords and zills. That way you can try them on and pick the best for you - on the day of the class where you need it.